Kurmi Soccer and Ac. Tito Drago command table in Peru

Nine teams take part in the Peruvian National Championship, spanning to 14th May

The Peruvian National Beach Soccer championship experienced this last weekend its second matchday, with four more games at Chorrillos (Lima).

Nine teams take part in the National Championship (divided in Torneo de Verano and Torneo de Invierno), which is to take place between 19th of March and 14th of may.

The teams taking part in the competition are: Academia Tito Drago, Ferocarril BS, Sp. Chorrillos, Jupla FC, Surco BSC, Sport Peru Nuevo, CA TRamca, Kurmi Soccer and CA Los Incas.

The best team in this first leg of the championship will also be granted a berth in the comung Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Playa.

After the first two matchdays, Kurmi Soccer and the Academia Tito Drago sit atop the standings with two wins in two games.

For more information, fixtures and pictures, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/FutbolPlayaFPF/

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