Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal & Promotion Final - The Hague 2012
25 Aug 2012

Switzerland and Russia reedit continental final

Belarus and Ukraine to fight for a Division A place, the one lost by France today, in the Promotion Final tomorrow

Stunning go-through for Switzerland

Switzerland brilliantly accessed the Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal after a wide and uncontestable win over one of the best teams in the continent, Portugal. Schirinzi’s side, then, will have the chance to reedit last season’s Superfinal, as they are to take on Russia tomorrow in the ultimate assault to the continental gold. Portugal had things already really difficult after they defeat yesterday against Romania, and their options quickly vanished after the Alpine prolific beginning.

The 3-0 managed by Schirinzi’s side at the first period set it clear that Switzerland were in a great moment, and they regarded nothing else than their season finale. Borer, in the second period, and Stankovic, at the beginning of the third one, widened the distance, raising an almost definitive 5-0 with less than one stage to go.

It took a while for Portugal to understand the way to counteract the Swiss perfect functioning today, and it was not until the last period that they took the game to a more face-to-face battle. Unfortunately for them it was already too late, as the 3-3 score of the last period was far not enough to change the course of the game, and even less to get them close to the loud victory they needed to get to the Superfinal. Switzerland, then, will get into the fight for the European crown for the second consecutive year, after a brilliant performance.

Goals: 1-0: Kaspar, min. 7 (1); 2-0: Borer, min. 4 (1); 3-0: Stankovic, min. 1 (1); 4-0: Borer, min. 7 (2); 5-0: Stankovic, min. 9 (3); 5-1: Jordan, min. 7 (3); 6-1: Mo, min. 2 (3); 6-2: Coimbra, min. 2 (3); 7-2: Spacca, min. 0 (3); 7-3: Madjer, min. 0 (3)

Russia will not miss it either…

The defending champions earned today the right to fight for their crown in tomorrow’s Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal, after bending Poland in the last of the group phase matches here in The Hague. Likhachev’s team came back to the usual pattern that has been getting them winning every single tournament, a blasting beginning followed by a keep-control game, and the formula worked perfectly once again.

With Shishin again as the team’s flagship (three goals again for the prolific Saratov-born), Russia quickly let Poland know that they did not regard other than getting into the season’s decider, where to widen their amazing records. After Eremeev’s opener, the hat-trick by the team’s number six, plus Krashenninikov’s 5-0, made things almost impossible for the Saganowski-steered side.

Just as it happened in the previous game, when Poland tried to react the game was too tightly held by the World Champions. The latter efforts by Baran, Widziki and Ziober could manage no more that keeping the Russian team alert, always replying any Polish hit to maintain a safe distance in the score. With the final whistle, Russia gets for the second time in the Superfinal of the European League, and they will again have Switzerland as their main contenders for the Continental glory.

Goals: 1-0: Eremeev, min. 9 (1); 2-0: Shishin, min. 8 (1); 3-0: Shishin, min. 7 (1); 4-0: Shishin, min. 5 (2); 5-0: Krash, min. 8 (3); 5-1: Baran, min. 6 (3); 5-2: Widziki, min. 3 (3); 6-2: Eremeev, min. 2 (3); 6-3: Ziober, min. 0 (3);

Just one goal gets Holland and Germany out of the Promotion Final

It was really close for Holland. Just one goal would have got Kokmeijer’s side into the Promotion Final, where they could have battled for a Division A place in front of their crowd. But this last goal, did not arrive, and the Orange two-goal victory remained as a insufficient merit for them to access the decider in this Euro Beach Soccer League Promotion Final they are hosting in The Hague, and Belarus will be the ones taking on favourites Ukraine in the fight for the Beach Soccer Continental Elite.

No matter the uncomfortable weather conditions hitting today the Scheveningen Beach, the Dutch crowd numerously came down to the Beach Stadion to back their team, who, after their defeat yesterday needed to bring on a wide win over Germany today. Koswal gave all these fans an early reward, with his opener just one minute after kick-off, only to see, though, Hegel neutralizing it little afterwards. The hosts managed to build up a solid advantage when Van Gessel and Ax raised the score to 3-1, what meant the first time for them to be just one goal below their dreamt objective. But the Mannschaft, who beared significant chances to get into the Promotion Final, too, were not for letting the part complete, and fought for their possibilities as much as they could, cutting once and again the advantage managed by Kokmeijer’s lads.

After Rigo replied Ax’s 4-2, Van Gessel lit the Netherlander expectations once again. It was two minutes yet to go for the final whistle, time enough to see the mission accomplished for the hosts. That 120 seconds got everyone in the stands keeping their breath, standing up for an ending which, unfortunately for Holland, did never happen, despite enjoying a couple of good chances. The final whistle left no one contented, as, with the triple three-points draw in Group A, goal average gets both Dutch and German out of the Promotion Final, with Belarus sailing in thanks to their +1 records.

Goals: 1-0: Koswal, min. 10 (1); 1-1: Heger, min. 7 (1); 2-1: Van Gessel, min. 2 (1); 3-1: Ax, min. 7 (2); 3-2: Weirauch, min. 7 (2); 4-2: Ax, min. 5 (2); 4-3: Rigo, min. 8 (3); 5-3: Van Gessel, min. 2 (3)

Ukraine sees ticket under the storm and sends France to Division B

Ukraine became the first team to get to the Euro Beach Soccer Promotion Final decision, after a solid victory over France in an electric match played under a heavy rain. Oleg Zborovskiy’s terrific performance, with four goals, made the difference today between two teams willing to fight all their chances out on the wet sand. The defeat, though, finally got France losing their Division A license.

The Ukrainians managed against the French exactly what they did not achieve in their match yesterday: getting in control of the game. With two goals in the first period, by Riabchuk and Zborovskiy, Bozhenko’s team had things exactly where they wanted them to be. Korniichuk confirmed the yellow dominion with the 0-3, and, despite Pagis shortened the distance, the inspired Ukrainian number 9 cut the French wings rather soon.

The tension grew just at the same time that the intensity of the rain pouring over the Scheveningen Beach Stadion did, what got way to some bitter rows, one of them getting the French goalkeeper, Padovani, sent off in the last stage of the third period. With the match under such irregular conditions, and being one man up, Ukraine managed not to lose the control of the game, and Zborovskiy netted twice to rub any possible doubt off. With this victory, Bozhenko’s side becomes the first team qualified for the Promotion Final, where they are to face Belarus.

Goals: 0-1: Riabchuk, min. 6 (1); 0-2: Zborovskiy, min. 2 (1); 0-3: Korniichuk, min. 8 (2); 1-3: Pagis, min. 6 (2); 1-4: Zborovskiy, min. 4 (2); 1-5: Zborovskiy, min. 3 (3); 2-5: Pagis, min. 2 (2); 2-6: Zborovskiy, min. 1 (3)


Sat 25.08.12
11:30 – France 2-6 Ukraine
12:45 – Switzerland 7-3 Portugal
14:00 – Russia 6-3 Poland 
15:15 – Netherlands  5-3 Germany

Matches for tomorrow

Sun 26.08.12   
09:45 – Germany vs Czech Republic (5th/6th place – Promotion Final)
11:00 – Belarus vs Ukraine (PROMOTION FINAL)
12:15 – Poland vs Portugal (5th/6th place – Superfinal)
13:30 – Romania vs Italy (3rd/4th Superfinal)
14:45 – Netherlands vs France (3rd/4th Promotion Final)
16:00 – Russia vs Switzerland (SUPERFINAL)

February 12, 2020 - February 16, 2020
Group Stage - Group A
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 3 2 0 1 13 11 2 6
Russia   lokomotiv moscow LOK 3 2 0 1 25 15 10 6
Levante1 LUD 3 1 0 2 19 16 3 3
2019 alanya belediyespor ABS 3 1 0 2 15 30 -15 3
Group Stage - Group B
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 2 1 0 17 7 10 8
Sporting clube braga SCB 3 2 0 1 18 13 5 6
Flamengo FLA 3 1 0 2 11 13 -2 3
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 3 0 0 3 8 21 -13 0
Play-off for 7th Place
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 4 - 8 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Play-off for 5th Place
Levante1 LUD 7 - 2 GCZ Grasshopper club zurich
Flamengo FLA 6 - 5 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Levante1 LUD 5 - 4 FLA Flamengo
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 2 - 7 SCB Sporting clube braga
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 - 1 LOK Russia   lokomotiv moscow
Play-off for 3rd place
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 2 - 6 LOK Russia   lokomotiv moscow
Sporting clube braga SCB 8 - 3 SPK Spartak logo copia web
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