Mundialito beach soccer almada officially presented
BSWW Mundialito Almada 2018
13 Jun 2018

Official launch of Mundialito Almada

The 2018 edition of the tournament kicks off with a press conference in Almada City Hall

Today’s press conference saw the panel, consisting of six of the event’s protagonists, launch the 2018 Mundialito Almada with words of welcome and anticipation.

Facing the cameras were: Inês de Medeiros (Presidenta da Câmara Municipal de Almada), Alex Soriano (Tournament director), Mario Narciso (Portugal National Coach), Madjer (Portugal’s captain), Pedro Dias (Director of FPF) and João Couvaneiro (Vice-president of the Câmara Municipal de Almada).

Each offered their own prelude of positivity and anticipation to the competition (which kicks off tomorrow when Japan play Spain at 12:30 local time) and here is an extract of what each had to say… 


Inês de Medeiros (Presidenta da Câmara Municipal de Almada)

“First of all, I would like to highlight the great feeling of being the hosts of such a high-level competition. This feeling is especially strong because of beach soccer’s human factor, and how it brings top class sport to the people, and the beach. You will love Costa da Caparica. I hope you all feel welcome and at home here.”


Alex Soriano (Tournament director)

“We want to thank the Câmara Municipal de Almada for their enthusiasm. Since the very moment we started talking about the possibility of bringing the Mundialito here, their passion and energy really amazed us. We immediately knew that Almada was the perfect place for the Mundialito”.


Mario Narciso (Portugal National Coach)

“We are very happy to take part in a new edition of a competition as important as the Mundialito, which will for sure contribute to the projection of beach soccer." 

"We come to this competition with the goal of winning it, and of course we feel ourselves to be among the favourites: Our history and awards always make Portugal one of the favourites every time we hit the sand.”


Madjer (Portugal’s captain)

“I would like to congratulate the organisation for the excellent stadium. We will try our best to provide a good spectacle for everyone to enjoy.”


Pedro Dias (Director of FPF)

“I would also like to thank BSWW for putting the trust in Portugal again for such an important event. The Mundialito is one of the top competitions in the world, and this year it becomes also very important because of the time of year that it has arrived - at the beginning of the European season." 

"It is also significant because it will be the last competition for one of our most valued players, Alan, who will end his career in the Mundialito, the same competition in which he started it 20 years ago”.


João Couvaneiro (Vice-president of the Câmara Municipal de Almada)

"The Mundialito is home. We want Almada and the Costa da Caparica to become the Mundialito’s and Portugal’s beach soccer home, and I am sure Almada will show its strength and its passion over these days”


Follow all the Mudialito Almada action here.



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