Euro Winners Cup 2017
02 Jun 2017


Double trouble for twin pairings in Nazaré

It is always said that beach soccer represents something of a big little famils but there are times when that is literally the case, making the beach soccer world such a unique place.

This Euro Winners Cup 2017 has offered a new example of that, with two pair of twins adding a special touch to Spanish sides Higicontrol Melilla and Cadiz Sotelo CF, as well as the whole competition.

Javi and Cristian Torres, both of them Spain internationals since 2006, are two very well known faces in the beach soccer world, having played plenty of matches at the highest international level in the past decade.

Aixata and Soraya Hamad Al-Lal are still getting to know the level of international club competition however.

Despite having played beach soccer since they can remember, noting “we live very close to the beach and we love playing on the sand”, they did not began playing on a more formal basis until 2010, where they both joined the Melilla team in the first Campeonato Territorial in Spain.

They know Javi and Cristian very well, with Aixata explaining to Beach Soccer Worldwide: "Of course we know them, we have seen them play on many occasions, in Spain’s National Championship and and even sometimes on TV, when they played for Spain, so we know how good they are."

It is not unusual to see Javi and Cristian yelling at each other one minute, and laughing together and hugging each other the following one.

It's a similar case with the Hamad sisters, who might fight sometimes, but cannot imagine being apart.

“We might have lots of discussions on the pitch, but we really appreciate each other even though she can be very stubborn, sometimes," jokes Aixata.

“Well, we both are”, adds Soraya, who admits that one of the main points of conflict is that "we always take the clothes of the other without telling them".

That, and the fact that “she never listens to me when I try to give her advice,” insists Soraya, "something that I always regret in the end” admits Aixata.

Despite being terrifically alike in some aspects, their characters are not that similar.

“What I like the most about her is how loving, how affectionate she is. I have to admit that I am not that warm, it is more difficult for me to show my feelings," says Soraya.

“But at least you are punctual, and help me get to the places on time when we go together," laughs Aixata.

No matter how far they get in the tournament, these two pairs of twins have left already their mark on the Euro Winners Cup 2017, always doing so with a smile and always showing a true spirit of fair play and a passionate love for the sport.


Pictured: Javi & Cristian Torres (Cadiz CF Sotelo) and Aixata & Soraya Hamad (Higicontrol Melilla)

September 07, 2019 - September 11, 2019
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Uruguay URU 5 4 0 1 19 15 4 12
Elsalvador SLV 5 3 0 2 22 11 11 9
China CHI 5 2 1 2 12 10 2 8
Bahamas BAH 5 2 0 3 17 17 0 6
Denmark DEN 5 1 1 3 10 17 -7 4
Trinidada   tobago TRI 5 1 0 4 13 23 -10 3
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