Copa Libertadores Futbol Playa 2016
10 Jan 2017

Santa Marta on top as Iquique upset Malvin

Amazingly tight games shake group A and leave the Colombians on top of group B at the Copa Libertadores

The second day of competition at the Copa Libertadores Futbol Playa taking place in Santos this week will be remembered for the almost-incredibly balanced games on display.

None of the fixtures today were decided until the final seconds of the game, showcasing the huge competitiveness the South American pool is well synonomous with.

Group B teams came into competition today, with Rosario Central from Argentina and Punta Hermosa from Perú playing the first game of the day. A brilliant third period had the Peruvians prevailing, after a three-goal streak saw them come from 3-2 behind to 5-3 ahead. The Canalla side kept fighting, but their reaction fell one goal short. 

One of the most breath-taking matches of the day was between Hamacas FC (BOL) and Real Academia Reales Miranda (VEN), as every single time Hamacas stepped ahead, Real Academia replied to level things back. Only the penalty shootout could pass sentence in the game, with the Bolivians staying perfect to snatch the point at stake.   

Back in group B, Santa Marta (COL) secured the top of their group by managing a 4-2 win over CN Puerta del Lago (PAR), in a game in which everything happened in the last period.

After two scoreless legs, Puerta del Lago opened the score, which paradoxically seemed to spur the Colombian reaction. Reaching the last seconds with a tight 3-2 in the score, a brilliant bicycle kick by Prado had Santa Marta topping the table in group B. 

In the last game of the day, Club Deportivo Iquique upset Club Malvin, turning the score around in the last six minutes of the match. Despite the Uruguayan’s greater experience, the mighty Chileans managed to come from 3-1 behind in the last frame, securing a prestigious win that has them topping the table in group A together with Vasco da Gama, who rested today.  

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