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Copa Pílsener Fútbol Playa El Salvador 2017
15 Apr 2017

The Tiki Toa do not ease off

Tahiti clinch a new loud win (9-1 over Ecuador) as hosts El Salvador grasp first win to fight for the Cup

Little room for speculation was left following the loud 9-1 that Tahiti inflicted a helpless Ecuador. The Polynesian warriors flew over the sand of the Estadio Nacional Costa del Sol to storm past their opponents and claim their second win in this Copa Pílsener. 

After a 5-0 run in the first period, things were fairly unbalanced for the Tiki Toa who, after taking a little rest in the second frame, finalized all Ecuadoran options, if any left, with four more hits in the third period. 

Labaste, with three goals lead the prolific Tahitian attack, accompanied by Taiarui (2), Tepa (2) and Zaveroni (2). 

Despite their laudable records so far, Tahiti have not secured the Cup yet, as a defeat tomorrow to hosts El Salvador could leave them without the silverware.


El Salvador reacts to join the fight

Hosts El Salvador managed to react after Watson’s opener for Panama and clinched a hard-fought win that gives them options to fight for the title as well. 

The Cuscatleco side, with many new players, managed to stay calmed when things got difficult and sealed the win thanks to a terrific free-kick shot by Rubén Batres, with just two minutes to go.   

Things are very open for tomorrow, as both Tahiti, Ecuador and El Salvador have options to claim the cup. Only the Tahitians depend only on their match, though. A win by the Tiki Toa makes them the champions, while El Salvador and Ecuador will depend on the result of the other game. 

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