01 Apr 2014

Schirinzi and Meier lead camp in the Bahamas

The Swiss stars, accompanied by Stankovic and Spacca, help usher in the next generation of Beach Soccer talent with camp for boys and girls of all ages in the BFA facilities in Nassau

The Bahamas has always been a dream vacation spot but now it is growing into a dream Beach Soccer hub. In 2013 CONCACAF held the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Tahiti 2013 qualifier in the Bahamas and it was a stunning success. Not only were the matches spectacular, including upsets and highly competitive games, but the facilities and location at the Malcolm Park Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility in Nassau were amazing also. The new and permanent facility in the capital shows the interest and investment that the Bahamas have in growing Beach Soccer.

Angelo Schirinzi, FIFA Instructor and head coach and player of the Swiss National Team, was in charge of a beach soccer camp held in Nassau intended to keep fostering the beach soccer vibe and formation in the country. Teammate Stephan Meier, also an expert in children formation, accompanied him. The Swiss coach has no doubt that the exotic Caribbean islands are serious about the sport, and they are looking forward to the next steps.

“The FA here is very interested in hosting big events, especially after seeing the great impact the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier left in Nassau, and the Bahamian population. The example of the World Cup in Tahiti is very inspiring".

Beach Soccer growth is inevitable and the Bahamas are showing that they and their youth want to be a part of it. There is motivation and there is already talent to go along with the newly acquired wisdom that that Beach Soccer icons from Switzerland have imparted on the youth of the Bahamas. Schirinzi also added, “The women and children have a very high level already and they will be the future of the sport in the Bahamas.” A ringing endorsement from such an esteemed member of the Beach Soccer community will go a long way in securing the Bahamas´ place among Beach Soccer elite.

pic:Bahamas FA/Schirinzi

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