FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2017 - CONMEBOL Qualifier Asuncion
04 Feb 2017

CONMEBOL Qualifier ready to go!

The Eliminatorias al Mundial de Fútbol Playa de la FIFA Asuncion 2017 were officially kicked off today

The official press conference meant the starting signal of this Eliminatorias al Mundial de Fútbol Playa de la FIFA kicking-off tomorrow at the Yatch and Golf Resort Paraguayo in Asunción (Paraguay).

Hugo Figueredo, Competitions Director of CONMEBOL, Ricardo Torres, president of the Local Organizing Committee, the coaches of hosts Paraguay and defending champions Brazil, Guga Zloccowick and Gilberto da Costa, and BSWW’s Head of Competitions, Josep Ponset, took part in the official presentation. 

Figueredo took the floor to highlight the great effort brought on by the APF (Paraguay Football Association) in the hosting and organization of this event, at the time he remembered that “three national teams will fly to the World Cup from this event, and I amp absolutely certain that they will represent South America very firmly”. 

Ricardo Torres, in turn, thanked both CONMEBOL and Beach Soccer Worldwide for their support, and stated that “we are sure that this event will be a great success both for Paraguay and CONMEBOL. We are working very hard not to let anybody down”. 

Josep Ponset, head of competitions BSWW, praised the great job both CONMEBOL and APF are doing with their beach soccer development programs, at the time he remembered that this is the third continental qualifier to the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, following the ones in Europe and Africa, with the CONCACAF and AFC ones coming next. 

Paraguay coach Guga, who remembered that “I came to Paraguay not only because of the chance of training this team, but also for the whole beach soccer project the APF is developing”, stated that “we will do our best to try and secure a new World Cup berth. The team is ready and we are willing to take the challenge, specially in front of our own people”.

Gilberto Costa, coach of the defending champions Brazil highlighted that “it will not be the heat our worst opponent here, but the amount of competitive teams that will be taking part of this event. Paraguay is one of our biggest menaces, as it is one of the best teams in the world.” 

The action starts tomorrow at 5pm Paraguay time. Remember that you can follow all the action at!

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