Euro Beach Soccer League Belgrade 2017
24 Jun 2017

Belgrade hosts second Beach Soccer Foundation clinic

Young people from the city headed down to the stadium along with international players.

Saturday morning saw the second Beach Soccer Foundation clinic take place in Serbia as part of the ongoing Euro Beach Soccer League event in Belgrade.

Twelve months on from the first such workshop in the Serbian capital, young people with disabilities from the local area headed down to the sand to enjoy the sport with some of the stars of the tournament.

As well as members of the club, players from the teams of Serbia, Germany, Spain and Russia all helped run proceedings, which included passing drills, shooting exercises and a game at the end.

The children involved are all part of the wider FC Mungosi futsal club and practice their sport every week, with head coach Bojana Milicevic delighted to see her players enjoy beach soccer once again.

Milicevic said: “This is our second year at the tournament and this year the impressions are even bigger. Every one insisted on coming and being a part of the tournament.

"They felt equal with other participants and that is the most important thing of all. Today once again proved that sport provides an opportunity for everyone to be equal in society.”

Beach Soccer Worldwide event manager Alex Soriano added: “We’re always delighted to put clinics on wherever we go in the world and this morning was another special one for us.

“With the help of the players and the event organisers, we were able to keep spreading the spirit of beach soccer.”

The Beach Soccer Foundation continues to hold events and clinics around the world as part of the sport’s global calendar, so stay tuned for one near you!

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