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Saturday, 8 July

21:30h GER GER (4) - (5) TUR TUR
20:15h SUI SUI - * GRE GRE
22:45h EST EST - * POL POL
00:00h AZE AZE - LTU LTU

Wednesday, 5 July

15:00h BLR BLR - TUR TUR
16:15h FRA FRA - GRE GRE
17:30h ITA ITA - EST EST
18:45h POL POL - LTU LTU
20:15h DEN DEN - SUI SUI
21:30h POR POR - GER GER
22:45h AZE AZE - MDA MDA
00:00h ESP ESP - * UKR UKR

Thursday, 6 July

15:00h BLR BLR - DEN DEN
16:15h GER GER - GRE GRE
17:30h ITA ITA - MDA MDA
18:45h UKR UKR - POL POL
20:15h SUI SUI - TUR TUR
21:30h POR POR - FRA FRA
22:45h AZE AZE - EST EST
00:00h ESP ESP - LTU LTU

Friday, 7 July

15:00h TUR TUR - DEN DEN
16:15h GER GER - FRA FRA
17:30h EST EST - MDA MDA
18:45h UKR UKR - LTU LTU
20:15h SUI SUI - BLR BLR
21:30h POR POR - GRE GRE
22:45h AZE AZE - ITA ITA
00:00h ESP ESP - POL POL

Sunday, 9 July

15:00h SUI SUI (4) - (5) AZE AZE
16:15h LTU LTU (6) - (5) GRE GRE
17:30h POL POL - GER GER
18:45h TUR TUR (4) - (3) EST EST
20:15h BLR BLR - FRA FRA
21:30h POR POR - DEN DEN
22:45h UKR UKR - MDA MDA
00:00h ITA ITA - * ESP ESP
* : After Extra Time

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Baku, Azerbaijan


Main Stadium

Sergio Filipe Gomes Soares

4(4) (5)4



YASIN 06:00:55'/1P

OLLI 06:42:52'/2P WIDMANN 03:52:65'/2P
EMRAH 08:39:76'/2P

WIDMANN 10:47:87'/3P OLLI 06:14:28'/3P
İSMAIL 08:22:00'/3P EMRAH 04:42:56'/3P

LüTH 00:00:00'/PSO OLLI 00:00:00'/PSO BIERMANN 00:00:00'/PSO ENGELHARDT 00:00:00'/PSO
YASIN 00:00:00'/PSO EMRAH 00:00:00'/PSO FERHAT 00:00:00'/PSO ÖZCAN 00:00:00'/PSO VOLKAN 00:00:00'/PSO

Full time


#14 Lüth6'
#6 Yasin6'
#11 Olli6'
#6 Widmann3'
#20 Efe Lorenzo9'
#11 Emrah8'
#20 Efe Lorenzo7'
#20 Efe Lorenzo7'
#6 Widmann10'
#11 Olli6'
#8 Sokolowski4'
#7 Biermann2'
#11 Olli0'
#22 İsmail8'
#11 Emrah4'
#9 ÖZCAN2'

Minute by minute

Penalty scored by LüTH (Germany)
Penalty shot by LüTH (Germany)
Penalty scored by OLLI (Germany)
Penalty shot by OLLI (Germany)
Penalty missed by PETRY (Germany)
Penalty scored by BIERMANN (Germany)
Penalty shot by BIERMANN (Germany)
Penalty missed by PETERSON (Germany)
Penalty scored by ENGELHARDT (Germany)
Penalty shot by ENGELHARDT (Germany)
Penalty scored by YASIN (Türkiye)
Penalty shot by YASIN (Türkiye)
Penalty scored by EMRAH (Türkiye)
Penalty shot by EMRAH (Türkiye)
Penalty scored by FERHAT (Türkiye)
Penalty shot by FERHAT (Türkiye)
Penalty scored by ÖZCAN (Türkiye)
Penalty shot by ÖZCAN (Türkiye)
Penalty missed by RECEP (Türkiye)
Penalty scored by VOLKAN (Türkiye)
Penalty shot by VOLKAN (Türkiye)

End of 3rd period and Extra Time. GER 4 - 4 TUR

Foul by OLLI (Germany) 0'
Yellow card for OLLI (Germany) 0'
Foul by PETRY (Germany) 0'
Yellow card for BIERMANN (Germany) 2'
2' Yellow card for FERHAT (Türkiye)
2' Yellow card for MEHMET (Türkiye)
2' Yellow card for ÖZCAN (Türkiye)
3' Foul by FERHAT (Türkiye)
4' Goal by EMRAH (Türkiye) GER 4 - 4 TUR
Yellow card for SOKOLOWSKI (Germany) 4'
Penalty by SOKOLOWSKI (Germany) 4'
Goal by OLLI (Germany) GER 4 - 3 TUR 6'
8' Goal by İSMAIL (Türkiye) GER 3 - 3 TUR
Foul by PETRY (Germany) 9'
Goal by WIDMANN (Germany) GER 3 - 2 TUR 10'

End of 2nd period. GER 2 - 2 TUR

Goal by WIDMANN (Germany) GER 2 - 2 TUR 3'
3' Penalty by UğUR (Türkiye)
Goal by OLLI (Germany) GER 1 - 2 TUR 6'
7' Foul by EFE LORENZO (Türkiye)
7' Yellow card for EFE LORENZO (Türkiye)
7' Red Card for EFE LORENZO (Türkiye)
8' Goal by EMRAH (Türkiye) GER 0 - 2 TUR
9' Foul by EFE LORENZO (Türkiye)
9' Yellow card for EFE LORENZO (Türkiye)

End of 1st period. GER 0 - 1 TUR

6' Goal by YASIN (Türkiye) GER 0 - 1 TUR
Yellow card for LüTH (Germany) 6'
Penalty by LüTH (Germany) 6'
Foul by WIDMANN (Germany) 7'

Start of 1st period.

Match details



Baku, Azerbaijan


Main Stadium

Sergio Filipe Gomes Soares

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