Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal & Promotion Final Terracina 2017
15 Sep 2017

Thrills and spills as Superfinal decider inches closer

Italy, Russia, Spain and Portugal to fight for Superfinal, as Ukraine will not be able to defend their crown following today’s results

Spain keep marching to European finale

The Spanish National side keep with their eyes on the Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal decider, as they proved today in a very consistent win over Poland. The Spaniards stay perfect following the 8-5 over the Poles, and will now take on Portugal for a place in the season decider.

Antonio swept Spain ahead three minutes into the game, and Joaquin Alonso’s lads seemed to have things under control for a while. Things got a little bit crazy in the second leg, with eight goals, four on each end. The Spaniards resisted that stroke exchange, heading into the final leg one goal ahead. 

In the final period, Chiky rounded his magnificent hat-trick, thus sealing the points for Spain, who look truly solid and strong in this Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal. The decider against Portugal tomorrow (4pm) will determine who plays for the European crown on Sunday.  

Goals: 1-0: Antonio, min. 9 (3); 1-1: Jesionowski, min. 9 (2); 2-1: Antonio, min. 9 (2); 3-1: Adri Frutos, min. 8 (2); 3-2: Friszkemut, min. 8 (2); 4-2: Chiky, min. 7 (2); 5-2: Ziober (og), min. 3 (2); 5-3: Gac, min. 3 (2); 5-4: Depta, min. 1 (2); 6-4: Chiky, min. 5 (3); 7-4: Llorenç, min. 2 (3); 8-4: Chiky, min. 1 (3); 8-5: Jesionowski, min. 0 (3)


Nikonorov and Paporotny seal unbelievable win for Russia

Ukraine will not be able to defend their Euro Beach Soccer League crown after the unbelievable defeat they suffered today against Russia. In a match in which four goals were scored in the last two minutes, the Russians ended up clinching the win, thus ruling out the Ukrainian’s chances to advance onto the Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal decider. 

It took almost two whole periods for the score to move. Nikonorov pushed Russia ahead, and the score remained untouched again until the third period. 

But at that last leg, thrill just exploded. Ukraine managed to get 2-1 ahead, coming from behind, and when they started seeing the points in their pockets, Nikonorov stroke again to balance the score back. 

After all what they had managed, though, Voitok did not want to let the game end like this, and swept Ukraine ahead once again.

Unfortunately for them, Russia had the same intentions, and Artur Paporotnyi knew it was his moment. Two goals in the last seconds of the game turned the score around amazingly, giving Russia a new win and ruling out Ukraine’s options. 

Goals: 0-1: Nikonorov, min. 3 (2); 1-1: Gladchenko, min. 10 (3); 2-1: Pachev, min. 6 (3); Nikonorov, min. 2 (3); 3-2: Voitok, min. 1 (3); 3-3: Paporotnyi, min. 0 (3); 4-3: Paporotnyi, min. 0 (3)


Portugal prevail in goal frenzy against Switzerland

The Portuguese national team will keep fighting to get the European crown back, as they confirmed today with an amazing victory over Switzerland in one of those games that write the history of a sport.  

Good things tend to happen when two teams that honour beach soccer each time they hit the sand as they do come together. And they definitely did happen, bringing on a terrific spectacle, with thrills and spills, late drama and goals. 15 goals, actually.  

Switzerland began the game at a higher pace, catching Portugal by surprise. Ott became the Portuguese worst nightmare during the first stages of the game but, despite the 2-4 deficit, the Equipa das Quinas balanced things back before the second period was over. 

The 2015 World Champions took over as the third period began, leading the fight this time. The stroke exchange ended up building a breath-taking show with goals and spectacular actions all throughout.

Narciso’s squad managed to hold their nerve when the pressure was higher, and succeeded defending their advantage in that last stage, thus securing their chances to fight for a place in the Superfinal tomorrow, against Spain. 

Goals: 0-1: Ott, min. 11 (1), 0-2: Stankovic, min. 11 (1); 1-2: Be Martins, min. 0 (1); 2-2: Be Martins, min. 5 (2); 2-3: Ott, min. 5 (2); 2-4: Ott, min. 4 (2); 3-4: Madjer, min. 3 (2); 4-4: Jordan, min. 0 (2); 5-4: Jordan, min.8 (3); 5-5: Mo, min. 6 (3); 6-5: Leo Martins, min. 4 (3); 6-6: Stankovic, min.2 (3); 7-6: Madjer, min. 1 (3); 8-6: Leo Martins, min. 0 (3); 8-7: Stankovic, min. 0 (3); 


Italy seals tight win after early scare

Italy stayed unbeaten in this Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal they are hosting in Terracina, following a tight win over mighty Belarus. 

Belarus hit the sand of Terracina in a very consistent fashion, securing a 3-1 lead in the first half of the first period. But Italy, feeling the support from the stands climbed that distance to equalize the score three apiece midway through second leg, and finally turn it around before the period was over. 

Italy needed to finish the Belarussian chances in the third period if they wanted to keep the control of the game. And so they did, with two goals by the two most prolific strikes in the coutry: Gori and Palmacci. 

Miranovich and Kanstantsinau pulled two back for Belarus, but the game ended with Italy up front, securing three more points that will have them playing all or nothing against Russia tomorrow. 

Goals: 1-0: Bryshtel, min. 10 (1); 1-1: Gori, min. 9 (1); 2-1: Slautsin, min. 6 (1); 3-1: Savich, min. 5 (1); 3-2: Marinai, min. 2 (1); 3-3: Zurlo, min. 7 (2); 3-4: Gori, min. 3 (2); 3-5: Gori, min. 11(3); 3-6: Palmacci, min. 7(3); 4-6: Miranovich, min. 6(3); 5-6: Kanstantsinau, min. 1 (3)


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