Euro Beach Soccer League Terracina 2013
12 Jun 2013

Terracina, ready for the second round

The Italian seaside resort hosts this weekend the second stage of the Euro Beach soccer League 2013, with 12 teams involved

The Euro Beach Soccer League train heads for its second stop in this 2013. And it is not an unknown stop. For the second consecutive year, the core competition of the continental Beach Soccer gets to Terracina (Italy) for a new chapter of the fight between the top teams in the Old Continent.

Again this year, the Terracina stage will become a double-ring event in itself, as two Division A groups will be competing at the Lungomare Mateotti Stadium. Eight Top Division teams, comprising World Champions Russia, EBSC runner-ups Portugal and hosts Italy, among others, will contest to earn the points that would them closer to the EBSL Superfinal, with Ukraine needing only one victory to seal their place in the continental decider, after the six points collected in the season?s opening.

At the same time, Germany, Belarus and Netherlands will have their first taste of Division A pace, after the new format allowed them join the elite.

In the Division B pool, Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Israel will vie for their chance to get into the Promotion Final, which will pass sentence, next September 8th-11th, on who gets to Division A for the next season.

With this new top-notch event, Terracina reassures its position as one of the most important Beach Soccer venues in Europe. A traditional Italian Beach Soccer resort, home to the current Italian Serie A champions and having successfully hosted last year?s opening EBSL stage and the final of the Coppa Italia, the heart of the Latina province has quickly become an Internationally well-know arena, and will for sure offer the best frame for a new thriller this mid June.

All the action, live!!
Once more, this Euro Beach Soccer event will be broadcasted through different TV networks, including Al Jazeera, Fox Sports, Sport TV or Russia 2, amongst many others and reaching more than 120 countries worldwide. Besides, all the action can also be followed, live, through the LIVE BROADCAST window on www.beachsoccer.com.

The group distribution and match schedule for this Euro Beach Soccer League Terracina 2013 go as follows:

Division A
Group 1: Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Netherlands
Group 2: Russia, Portugal, Belarus, Germany

Division B: Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Hungary

Friday, 14th of June, 2013
11:45 ? Hungary vs Turkey (Division B)
13:00 ? Israel vs Azerbaijan (Division B)   
14:15 ? Ukraine vs Netherlands (Division A ? Group 1)
15:30 ?Portugal vs Belarus (Division A ? Group 2)   
16:45 ? Germany vs Russia (Division A ? Group 2)   
18:00 ? Italy vs Romania (Division A ? Group 1)   

Saturday, 15th of June, 2013
11:45 ? Hungary vs Israel (Division B)   
13:00 ? Azerbaijan vs Turkey (Division B)   
14:15 ? Romania vs Ukraine (Division A ? Group 1)   
15:30 ? Portugal vs Germany (Division A ? Group 2)   
16:45 ? Russia vs Belarus (Division A ? Group 2)   
18:00 ? Netherlands vs Italy (Division A ? Group 1)   

Sunday, 16th of June, 2013
11:45 ? Turkey vs Israel (Division B)
13:00 ? Azerbaijan vs Hungary (Division B)
14:15 ? Romania vs Netherlands (Division A ? Group 1)   
15:30 ? Belarus vs Germany (Division A ? Group 2)   
16:45 ? Russia vs Portugal (Division A ? Group 2)   
18:00 ? Italy vs Ukraine (Division A ? Group 1)

September 07, 2019 - September 11, 2019
Round Robin
Uruguay URU 5 4 0 1 19 15 4 12
Elsalvador SLV 5 3 0 2 22 11 11 9
China CHI 5 2 1 2 12 10 2 8
Bahamas BAH 5 2 0 3 17 17 0 6
Denmark DEN 5 1 1 3 10 17 -7 4
Trinidada   tobago TRI 5 1 0 4 13 23 -10 3
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