Copa Lagos Beach Soccer 2013
15 Dec 2013

Nigeria achieve Triple Crown in Lagos!

The Green Eagles bend Senegal in the decider to clinch their trophy for the third consecutive time

The Green Eagles did it again! Nigeria reedited the Copa Lagos Beach Soccer once more, after bending Senegal in the last game of the competition, thus rounding some terrific records with three victories in three games.

A packed stadium and a terribly noisy atmosphere set up the background for another unforgettable afternoon for the Green Eagles. Only the win would give Adamu's side a win, though, and playing against the kings of Africa, Senegal, this is something you need to fight really hard for. The game was played in a winner-takes-it-all fashion, as a win by Senegal would have given the gold to Diop's side.

As expected, that made for a terribly contested battle, only decided in the last stages of the game. Nigeria hit first, thanks to Badmus, but the Lions of Teranga found the way to the hosts' back of the net and leveled things back midway second period.

Last stage was set to be an fierce fight between two powerful contenders with one clear objective. Nigeria managed to impose their law in their homeland, though, and three hits in just three minutes finished the game. The tournament's MVP, Abu, unbalanced the score, just seconds before Tale and Emeka settled the 4-1. Senegal tried to react, but they could only beat the Nigerian resistance in one single occasion, thanks to fall.

The three minutes remaining were not enough for the African Qualifier defending champions, and the final whistled meant the third Copa Lagos in a row for Nigeria, something that sets something very clear: Adamu's lads know very well how to defend their territory...   

Goals: 1-0: Badmus, min. 5 (1); 1-1: Koukpaki, min. 3 (2); 2-1: Abu, min. 10 (3); 3-1: Tale, min. 8 (3); 4-1: Emeka, min. 7 (3); 4-2: Fall, min. 3 (3)

Germany deny Lebanese options

The German National side ruined today all chances Lebanon may have had to clinch the Cup in this Copa Lagos Beach Soccer 2013. The European side squeezed past Lebanon in the first game of this last matchday in Lagos, thus leaving the Asian with just three points. Moghaddam's side began the tournament in a terrific shape, beating African rulers Senegal, and were close to do the same yesterday with hosts Nigeria, only losing the games to penalty kicks.

With one win and one defeat, the Lebanese needed to beat Germany today to keep their chances to the final glory. And they began exactly following this script, with Matar firing the opener home halfway first period. But the Mannschaft reacted, not only to equalize the game before first hooter, but with three more goals during the second period to leave the score 4-1 on their side. Lebanon tried to respond to that, but Böringschulte's lads stood still and the period ended 5-3 for Germany.

Twelve minutes were time enough for Lebanon to complete their comeback, and so they seemed to believe when Fattal bagged his second today to stretch things with the 5-4 right at the first minute of the period. Unluckily for the Lebanese, Mönch volleyed an amusing ball home to widen the gap again just seconds afterwards. 

Lebanon never thought about giving up, and Merhi's latter effort tightened the score once again, with more than ten minutes to go. The third period turned into an almost never-ending spell for the Germans, but their defense proved solid enough to contend all attempts by their opponents until the final hooter. The narrow win allows Germany capture their first three points in the tournament, at the time leaves Lebanon with a truly bitter final taste.

Goals: 0-1: M. Matar, min. 3 (1); 1-1: Mönch, min. 2 (1); 2-1: Olli, min. 4 (2); 3-1: Mönch, min. 2 (2); 4-1: Olli, min. 2 (2); 4-2: Fattal, min. 2 (2); 5-2: Matar (og), min. 0 (2); 5-3: Merhi, min. 0 (2); 5-4: Fattal, min. 11 (3); 6-4 Mönch, min. 11 (3); 6-5: Merhi, min. 10 (3);


Fri 13.12.13   
15:00 - Senegal 4-5 Lebanon   
16:15 - Germany 1-7 Nigeria

Sat 14.12.13               
15:00 - Senegal 6-2 Germany   
16:15 - Nigeria 6(4)-6(3) Lebanon                  

Sun 15.12.13   
14:00 - Germany 6-5 Lebanon
16:30 - Nigeria 4-2 Senegal

Final standings
Winner: Nigeria
Runner-up: Senegal
3rd place: Lebanon
4th place: Germany

Individual awards  
MVP: Abu

February 12, 2020 - February 16, 2020
Group Stage - Group A
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 3 2 0 1 13 11 2 6
Russia   lokomotiv moscow LOK 3 2 0 1 25 15 10 6
Levante1 LUD 3 1 0 2 19 16 3 3
2019 alanya belediyespor ABS 3 1 0 2 15 30 -15 3
Group Stage - Group B
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 2 1 0 17 7 10 8
Sporting clube braga SCB 3 2 0 1 18 13 5 6
Flamengo FLA 3 1 0 2 11 13 -2 3
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 3 0 0 3 8 21 -13 0
Play-off for 7th Place
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 4 - 8 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Play-off for 5th Place
Levante1 LUD 7 - 2 GCZ Grasshopper club zurich
Flamengo FLA 6 - 5 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Levante1 LUD 5 - 4 FLA Flamengo
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 2 - 7 SCB Sporting clube braga
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 - 1 LOK Russia   lokomotiv moscow
Play-off for 3rd place
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 2 - 6 LOK Russia   lokomotiv moscow
Sporting clube braga SCB 8 - 3 SPK Spartak logo copia web
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