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Los Cuscatlecos always throw great beach soccer events because of the outpouring of support from the locals and the fact that they have a great permanent facility  in Costa del Sol. This will be the first major beach soccer since the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships 2015, which was the official qualifier for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015. In March three excellent sides who draw big crowds wherever they play will be arriving to El Salvador ready to stake a claim for the crown. The list for the Copa Pilsener 2016 is as follwos: El Salvador, Portugal, Argentina, and the USA. All four of the teams know each other and none of them want to give the edge to their opponent.

The hosts narrowly missed out on qualifying for the World Cup in the last event that they hosted, same goes for the United States, but the other two competitors in this Copa Pilsener were at the World Cup, with Portugal taking home the crown on their home sand. Argentina qualified for the World Cup in July by defeating the hosts, Ecuador, in their CONMEBOL Qualifier in March of 2015. The USA and El Salvador lost in their semi-final matches against Mexico and Costa Rica, respectively, and since only two make the final 16 wto the World Cup, they both fell one spot short. With the sport at an all-time high in regards to hype and recognition, it is no surprise that more and more top-class are happening all over the world, and these are four of the most traveled teams from three of the six beach soccer regions. 

Fans in El Salvador are huge supporters of the sport and the atmosphere at the stadium in Costa del Sol is electric for every match; this year will be no different. The previous three editions of the Copa Pilsener were roaring successes and with fans and teams already clamouring for spots and seats in the coming years. El Salvador has always had a rabid beach soccer fan base and with the chance to defeat their rivals, the Yanks, and the current World Champion, Portugal, the action will make for a dramatic weekend on the Costa del Sol. will have all the action and news leading up to, during, and after the raucous event. 

Date K.O Time Heat Match Result
Round Robin Portugal Portugal - Argentina Argentina 6 - 0
Round Robin Usa USA - El Salvador Elsalvador 2 - 4
Round Robin Portugal Portugal - USA Usa 4 - 1
Round Robin Elsalvador El Salvador - Argentina Argentina 7 - 3
Round Robin Argentina Argentina - USA Usa 3 - 3 (5 - 4) (PSO)
Round Robin Elsalvador El Salvador - Portugal Portugal 3 - 4
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Round Robin
Portugal Portugal 3 3 0 0 14 4 10 9
Elsalvador El Salvador 3 2 0 1 14 9 5 6
Argentina Argentina 3 0 1 2 6 16 -10 1
Usa USA 3 0 0 3 6 11 -5 0

Final standings

Individual Awards:

MVP: Jordan Santos (POR)

Top Scorer: Frank Velásquez (SLV), E. Holmedilla (ARG), Jordan Santos (POR)

Best Goalkeeper: Herbert Ramos (SLV)

COACH: Mario Narciso
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Rui Coimbra COIMBRA Defender 14 Apr 1986
Nuno Miguel Belchior BELCHIOR Forward 09 Oct 1982
Bruno Novo B. NOVO Midfielder 04 May 1982
Jordan Alexandre Santos JORDAN Midfielder 02 Jul 1991
Bruno Miguel Silva Torres TORRES Defender 21 Apr 1980
José Maria Fonseca Zé MARIA Forward 23 Jul 1982
Joao Vitor Tavares Saraiva MADJER Forward 22 Jan 1977
Bernardo Barral Martins Santos BE MARTINS Midfielder 29 Dec 1989
Tiago Petrony Ferreira PETRONY Goalkeeper 18 Nov 1988
Elinton Sanchotene Andrade ELINTON Goalkeeper 30 Mar 1979
COACH: Hector Petrasso
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Agustín Dallera DALLERA Defender 28 Dec 1985
Germán Spinelli SPINELLI Defender 09 Oct 1984
Federico Simsirouglu SIMSIROUGLU Forward 15 Mar 1986
Dardo Cortes CORTES Goalkeeper 11 Dec 1975
Cristian Cuevas CUEVAS Midfielder 01 Feb 1984
Pedro Rigoni RIGONI Defender 13 May 1987
Nicolás Tarabini TARABINI Defender 11 Jul 1987
Emiliano Holmedilla HOLMEDILLA Forward 21 Dec 1988
Maximiliano Ponzetti PONZETTI Defender 17 May 1987
Sebastian Azimonti AZIMONTI Midfielder 11 Mar 1988
COACH: Francis Farberoff
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Lewie Valentine VALENTINE Defender 12 Apr 1979
Jason Leopoldo LEOPOLDO Forward 21 Jun 1987
Nick Shackelford SHACKELFORD Goalkeeper 13 Oct 1990
Giovanni Garcia GARCIA Defender 15 Feb 1977
Harry Abraham ABRAHAM Defender 26 Feb 1986
Brian Perk PERK Goalkeeper 21 Jul 1989
Jayro Martinez MARTINEZ Forward 15 May 1986
Jared Dombrowski DOMBROWSKI Defender 27 Sep 1982
David Holleran HOLLERAN Midfielder 01 Aug 1988
Kamani Hill HILL Midfielder 28 Dec 1985
COACH: Rudis Mauricio Gonzalez
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Herbert Alexander Ramos Hernández HERBERT Goalkeeper 15 Nov 1989
Jose Ruben Batres BATRES Defender 14 Oct 1991
Elmer Atilio Robles Rodriguez ELMER Midfielder 13 Oct 1990
José Agustín Ruiz González AGUSTIN Forward 01 Dec 1987
Francisco Hernando Velásquez Henríquez FRANK Forward 12 Feb 1990
José Eliodoro Portillo Lara PORTILLO Goalkeeper 06 May 1989
Tomás Antonio Hernández HERNáNDEZ Defender 28 Jan 1985
Douglas N. Zavala DOUGLAS Defender 20 Aug 1990
Melvin Alexis Segovia SEGOVIA Defender 17 Jan 1990
Herbert Antonio Ramos HERBER Midfielder 04 May 1990
April 26, 2019 - April 28, 2019
Round Robin
England ENG 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
China CHI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Czechrep CZE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Portugal POR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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