01 May 2015

Barcelona: sea and sport

Ajuntament de Barcelona is

A close and strong relationship with sport, and living by the sea are two of the most important characteristics of our beautiful city. Long before the memorable 1992 Olympics, the city had hosted a countless number of events of the utmost quality for many disciplines. This is just one factor as to why Barcelona is considered a true global sports capital. 


The dimension or aspect of sport is without a doubt one of the greatest allies to the already so powerful attraction and allure of the city, offering both citizens and visitors alike endless leisure possibilities. Sport and sea are a perfect combination and La Ciudad Condal sets the ideal scene, in which beach soccer is able to discover the utopian land to help exploit the games’ full potential. 


Indeed, beach soccer is a sport that is experiencing impressive growth, and this Barcelona Beach Soccer Cup 2015 will provide a superb opportunity to take a huge leap forward in regards to the city as a universal sports destination. The city council has and had no doubts from the outset, and has been committed to the growth of this young and attractive discipline from day one. This is a discipline that seems tailor-made to the character of our city.



From here, I would like to humbly invite everyone to come and enjoy the Barcelona Beach Soccer Cup 2015, which promises to be a great event with spectacular emotions, action of the highest order, and an extremely unique experience, combining all the elements of a distinct sport, with the spectacular location of Port Olímpic, gracing the Mediterranean Sea. 

May 01, 2015 - May 03, 2015
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