17 Apr 2015

We are all preparing to enjoy this unique experience ...

Joan Cuscó is BSWW President

When you think about the ideal host for a beach soccer competition at the highest level, few places so perfectly meet all the requirements as Barcelona does. Passion for the beach and passion for the sport, to go along with one of the worlds' biggest football clubs, and a cosmopolitan tourist dream destination are just some of the innumerable qualities. Additionally, if you add the emotional component this is the perfect city, the complete package. 

And to have that kind of passion inherent in our city, our home cannot be defined in any other way than as a dream come true for beach soccer. After seeing how football has won over the fans, players, and locals in countless beach communities, brining the same excitement to some of the most famous beaches in the world, joined with such a global capital as Barcelona, this is a milestone for our sport.

Looking at the timing, there could not be any other competition than one of this caliber. This is an event that brings the best clubs to this renowned city, led of course by FC Barcelona. On the Port Olímpic beach, such big names as CR Flamengo, Boca Juniors, Sporting de Portugal and Lokomotiv Moscow, among others, are bringing together the best players of a discipline that has been part of the FIFA family for over 10 years.

But so much about beach soccer is what happens in the competition itself. Combining the recognizable show that is beach soccer with the pitch, and with the help of the greatest fans and the best atmosphere this will be and is the ideal event for general fans and families alike.

Now i would like to say that I can only thank the City Council so much, but from the start they have believed in this competition, and have pushed hard to make the dream a reality. Along with FC Barcelona, an organization with so many honors and loyal fan support, who has been connected with us for many years, both are demonstrating their faith in the sport and all its possibilities.

We are all preparing to enjoy this unique experience ...

May 01, 2015 - May 03, 2015
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