08 Mar 2018


Six women talk about their role in the beach soccer world to commemorate the International Women’s Day

Women are a very relevant part of the beach soccer family. They have always been and will always be. This is why we wanted to let women from beach soccer take the floor on to give us their point of view of the role of women in sport. Or, in other words, the place where they belong.

One of the women we wanted to hear about is, obviously, Sarah Kempson, England Women’s Team captain and 2017 Best Women’s Player of the Year knows very well what she is saying when talking about the game itself. ‘Women’s Beach Soccer has seen a huge development in the past 12 months. The level of skill at tournaments around the world has shown how much the game has grown. The women’s beach soccer scene is now a showcase of talent and professionalism. Within the England beach soccer team I see the hard work, dedication and sacrifice for every minute we play. The role models within women’s beach soccer are paving the way for young exciting players taking up the sport. This an exciting time for women’s beach soccer and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.

Anastasia Ryabova, another of the familiar faces in beach soccer, highlights the key role women play in the construction of any team. "In the more than 12 years of Russian Beach Soccer history, many women have been instrumental for the collective success…Yulia, Irina, Elena, Maria, Nataliya, Daria… I would not like to forget anyone of them, as all them became the sport’s driving force, an energy boost that made sure that things happened the way they were supposed to.” 

Similarly, Paria Shahriari, head of Beach Soccer at the FFIRI (Iran FA) stresses that “women in sport are a true example of professionalism, commitment and delivery, and everyone should congratulate for that”. 

Actually, it is not the kind of job they are supposed to do, as there is literally no job they cannot do. This is what Lea Weil, BSWW’s official photographer thinks about it. “I do not think that women should be doing specific things, just as like men should not either. There is no such thing as a men’s or women’s job”. 

Precisely, Irene Sandoval, Spain’s National Team Physiotherapist, believes that “we should be seen as professionals, not men or women. But I know that, altogether, we will achieve that things are regarded that way! It is everybody’s responsibility to transmit that to the coming generations”.

Back in the sand, Idaira Rodríguez, who have been dancing in beach soccer events for many years restates that the sports world is women’s natural place. “It is not that women need to find their place in sports. Sports is their place, their natural place”. 

April 06, 2018 - April 08, 2018
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