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Euro Beach Soccer League Warnemünde 2017

The Euro Beach Soccer League returns for its 20th edition this year, complete with two extra regular stages.

Belgrade will host its first Euro Beach Soccer League leg between June 23rd and 25th, having been the setting for the Euro Beach Soccer Cup last year, as Russia, Spain, Germany and France contest Division A, Group One.

Division B will include home nation Serbia along with Czech Republic, Estonia and Norway, before the competition heads to Moscow for another year.

In Division A, rivals Spain and Russia boast 10 titles between them while France and Germany have also tasted success – in 2004 and 1998 respectively.

All eight teams will be seeking to gain a head start on their rivals before the second stage in Nazaré, Portugal.

That’s where holders Ukraine join the party between July 7th and 9th, facing Spain, European champions Poland and Greece in Group One. Division A, Group Two will feature hosts Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and France, before things move to Moscow.

The competition has headed to the Russian capital regularly over the past decade and the four-time champions will take on Belarus, Switzerland and Greece on home sand this time around, with the third stage of the Euro Beach Soccer League taking place between 28th and 30th of July.

Between 11th and 13th August, Portugal, Belarus, Poland and Azerbaijan contest Division A, Group One alongside four teams in Division B in Siofok, Hungary, before the final leg of the regular stage takes place in Warnemünde, northern Germany, where the final positions will be confirmed.

Holders Ukraine, Italy, Germany and Azerbaijan are among the Division A teams competing along with four more in the second tier.

The fifth leg runs from August 25th to 27th and four days later, the Superfinal and Promotion Final will take place an in as-yet-unconfirmed location.

Running from August 31st to September 3rd, the overall Euro Beach Soccer League champions will be crowned while the winner of the second-tier final will secure promotion to Division A.


Stage One - Belgrade, Serbia (23rd - 25th June 2017)

Division A - Group One: Russia, Spain, Germany, France

Division B: Estonia, Czech Republic, Norway and Serbia 


Stage Two - Nazaré, Portugal (7th - 9th July 2017)

Division A - Group One: Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Greece

Division A - Group Two: Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France


Stage Three - Moscow, Russia (28th - 30th July 2017)

Division A - Grop One: Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Greece

Division B: Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan


Stage Four - Siofok, Hungary (11th - 13th August)

Division A - Group One: Portugal, Belarus, Poland, Azerbaijan 

Division B: Hungary, Denmark, Andorra and Bulgaria


Stage Five - Warnamunde, Germany (25th - 27th August)

Division A - Group One: Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan

Division B: England, Romania, Netherlands and Lithuania

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Final standings

COACH: Massimo Agostini
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Matteo Marrucci
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Zeynal Zeynalov
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Yevhen Varenytsia
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Angel Lopez Torres
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Valeriu Ionita
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Sebastian Ullrich
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
COACH: Bronislavas Mickevicius
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017
Round Robin
Brazil BRA 1 1 0 0 9 4 5 3
Portugal POR 1 1 0 0 5 0 5 3
France FRA 1 0 0 1 0 5 -5 0
Russia RUS 1 0 0 1 4 9 -5 0
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