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Copa Pílsener Fútbol Playa 2014

El Salvador is known for many amazing things and Beach Soccer has already established itself as one of those elements, after the terrific display of the Ciscatleco during this last season. The rabid fans and exciting atmosphere have been staples in El Salvador for years. This year, the Copa Pilsener will still be played in El Salvador but will be moving to a new location, the capital, San Salvador.

The two previous editions of the tournament were extremely successful being played on the Costa del Sol but this year the cup, jointly organized by BSWW, FESFUT and Industrias la Constancia, will be played near the Cuscatlán stadium, in the country's capital city. The energy for the tournament this year is overwhelming as Beach Soccer royalty will be participating.

Not only will fans enjoy the new location, but they will also be blessed with seeing amazing Beach Soccer talent from the worlds´ top countries, with three top-ten members of the Beach Soccer Worldwide World Ranking. All four teams, El Salvador, Brazil, Switzerland, and England have prestigious records in Beach Soccer and all are ready to vie for the Copa Pilsner 2014.

Beach Soccer is driven by the fans and their love of the game and this year El Salvador exemplified that. El Salvador moved the tournament, in part, due to the fans requests. Industrias La Constancia Executive Sergio Guardado explained, “We listened to our followers from last year and they helped us decide on this move.

The three days of entertainment will commence on the 11th of April with the round robin format ending on the 13th of April.

Date K.O Time Heat Match Result
Round Robin Brazil Brazil - Switzerland Swizerland 7 - 3
Round Robin England England - El Salvador Elsalvador 1 - 5
Round Robin Brazil Brazil - England England 11 - 1
Round Robin Elsalvador El Salvador - Switzerland Swizerland 5 - 7
Round Robin Swizerland Switzerland - England England 4 - 3
Round Robin Elsalvador El Salvador - Brazil Brazil 3 - 6
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Round Robin
Brazil Brazil 3 3 0 0 24 7 17 9
Swizerland Switzerland 3 2 0 1 14 15 -1 6
Elsalvador El Salvador 3 1 0 2 13 14 -1 3
England England 3 0 0 3 5 20 -15 0

Final standings

COACH: Angelo Schirinzi
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Moritz Jaeggy MO Defender 8 01 Jan 1983
Dejan Stankovic STANKOVIC Forward 25 Aug 1985
Stephan Meier MEIER Forward 10 10 Dec 1981
Angelo Schirinzi SCHIRINZI Forward 11 05 Nov 1972
Sandro Spaccarotella SPACCAROTELLA Defender 05 Aug 1982
Michael Misev MISEV Forward 15 Feb 1991
Phillipp Borer BORER Forward 15 Jun 1990
Nico Stalder STALDER Goalkeeper 01 Nov 1983
Noel Ott OTT Forward 15 Jan 1994
Marco Allenbach ALLENBACH Goalkeeper 01 Oct 1987
COACH: David Jones
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Samuel Webb WEBB Goalkeeper 20 Jun 1987
Mitchell Day DAY Forward 18 Aug 1982
Terence Bowes BOWES Defender 13 Sep 1979
Mark Mitchell MITCHELL Defender 06 Mar 1986
Mathew Evans EVANS Forward 25 Apr 1987
Aaron Clarke CLARKE Midfielder 10 Jun 1991
Josh Younie YOUNIE Forward 29 Nov 1990
James Temple TEMPLE Forward 25 Jun 1984
Daniel Hulme HULME Goalkeeper 04 May 1989
Jack Morris MORRIS Midfielder 28 Sep 1991
COACH: Gilberto Costa
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Diogo Catarino da Silva CATARINO Defender 09 Jan 1990
Rafael Amorim Silva RAFINHA Midfielder 10 Nov 1988
Rafael Antonio Jesus Pinto R. BOKINHA Forward 06 Jan 1991
Mauricio Pereira Braz de Oliveira MAURICINHO Forward 09 Dec 1989
Jenilson Brito Rodrigues MAO Goalkeeper 06 Dec 1978
Jordan Soares de Oliveira JORDAN Forward 24 Oct 1993
Rodrigo S. da Costa RODRIGO Forward 16 Aug 1993
Rodrigo M. Gama DIGO GAMA Midfielder 08 Jul 1984
Benjamin da S. Junior BENJAMIN JR Forward 12 Mar 1994
Willian F. de Oliveira WILLIAN Goalkeeper 24 Jul 1989
COACH: Rudis Mauricio Gonzalez
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Herbert Alexander Ramos Hernández HERBERT Goalkeeper 15 Nov 1989
Wilber Joel Zavala Alvarado WILBER Defender 11 Aug 1987
Elmer Atilio Robles Rodriguez ELMER Midfielder 13 Oct 1990
José Agustín Ruiz González AGUSTIN Forward 01 Dec 1987
Francisco Hernando Velásquez Henríquez FRANK Forward 12 Feb 1990
José Eliodoro Portillo Lara PORTILLO Goalkeeper 06 May 1989
Tomás Antonio Hernández HERNáNDEZ Defender 28 Jan 1985
José Roberto Membreño MEMBREñO Defender 10 Nov 1980
Eulalio A. Henríquez ABRAHAM Forward 27 Feb 1994
Douglas N. Zavala DOUGLAS Defender 20 Aug 1990
March 03, 2018 - March 10, 2018
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